What is Ketamine?

Ketamine VileKetamine is a dissociative anesthetic used medically for surgery sedation and pain relief. More recently ketamine has been  used as a treatment for depression.  Ketamine is a novel compound that was derived from phencyclidine in 1962, in pursuit of a safer anesthetic with fewer hallucinogenic effects.

What is ketamine therapy for depression?
Ketamine therapy for depression is a treatment therapy that uses Intravenous or intranasal ketamine to help relieve depression symptoms in those who suffer from treatment resistant depression.  Altogether, we administer ketamine 6 times over the course of 3-5 weeks. Ketamine therapy has been clinically shown to help break depressive episodes and rapidly relieve depressive symptoms.
Who do we treat at TKC?
At TKC we treat people who have treatment resistant depression (TRD).  This includes major depressive disorder, bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 depressive phase and suicidality.  People who have other mood disorders including PTSD, OCD, Anxiety can be treated as part of a depressive disorder.  Patient must be currently depressed.
What is the response rate for Ketamine therapy in treatment resistant depression?
The response rate for patients with treatment resistant depression (TRD) is between 50-70%.
Can I drive after my treatment?
No you must either be accompanied to the clinic or have someone pick you up after your treatment
Is Ketamine covered by OHIP or ODSP
Currently ketamine is not covered by OHIP or ODSP
Do I need a Doctor’s referral to get ketamine treatment?
Yes, you need to have either a GP or Psychiatrist refer you to our clinic.  A copy of the referral form can be found below


Who is not the right fit for ketamine (contraindications)
Yes there are certain conditions that make ketamine inappropriate as a treatment.  Those who have psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia as well as those who have certain medical conditions including heart disease and stroke.  Please look at the full list of contraindications in our link below


How quickly do Ketamine treatments take to work?
Ketamine treatments for depression can work quickly, with some patients experiencing relief within hours of the first dose. However, the effect of Ketamine varies from person to person, and it may take several treatments before the full benefits are realized.
What is your cancelation policy (give link to policy)
Here is a link to our cancelation policy.
How should I expect to feel after the treatment?
Patients typically feel relaxed and calm after ketamine treatment. Some patients may also experience a sense of euphoria or increased energy. However, it is important to note that the effects of Ketamine vary from person to person.  It is just as important to make sense of any feelings that may come that are not ideal.  You can bring all of this into your therapy sessions whether you have a pleasurable session or one that is a little more challenging.  Remember we are dealing with the subconscious and cannot completely control what each experience will involve.   Additionally, intention setting is an important tool to be discussed with your TKC therapist.


Intravenous Ketamine

What are the Advantages of IV ketamine over other routes of administration.
IV Ketamine

Why IV ketamine for depression is the gold standard

The bioavailability of IV Ketamine is 100% resulting in no drug wastage in absorption into the blood stream.  This allows for very precise dosing.  This is one of the key reasons why IV ketamine is used in the vast majority of research studies and is considered the gold standard in Ketamine therapy.

When Can I start IV treatments?
We run IV Ketamine cohorts ever 6-8 weeks.  Please look for the dates of the next cohort on the website or call the clinic for details.
What is the cost of IV ketamine?

Our IV ketamine program cost is$4500.  This included 6 infusions and a 7th if needed.  This happens over the course of of 3-4 weeks.  In addition you will have 4 visits with our psychiatrist throughout the treatment.

KAP sessions are available to patients who wish to have them at an additional cost of $199 per hr

Booster infusions are available at $750 per session.

Is there any payment plans available?
Yes, please refer to Medi Card for financing. This treatment can be financed over 1-5 year.  Interest charges do apply. Ask Medi card for detail, or follow the link here.

Visit our pricing page for more information.


24-month financing for 6 intranasal ketamine treatments equal monthly payments = $208 plus applicable interest charges


Intranasal Ketamine

What are the main differences between IV and Intranasal Ketamine?

IN ketamine for depression  The key difference is the bioavailability between the two routes of administration.  Bioavailability means the percentage of the drug that is available to the blood stream.  IV has a 100% bioavailability whereas Intranasal has a 50% bioavailability.  To account for the differences in bioavailability, TKC adjusts the dosing of intranasal.  Typically, the dosing of intranasal will be 2 times that of IV ketamine.  Studies have shown intranasal to have significant antidepressant effects when dosed to account for bioavailability.

Has intranasal been shown to be effective in treating treatment resistant depression and suicidality.
Many studies have shown the intranasal Ketamine is very effective in treatment resistant depression and suicidality.  We have added some of these studies in the research section of the website. 
How Quickly can I start treatment after being approved for Intranasal Ketamine.
Once you are approved for treatment by the TKC psychiatrist you will be able to start treatment almost immediately.
How long is the treatment from intranasal ketamine?
The treatment lasts for up to 2 hours after being administered.  It is important that patients organize a ride home after treatment as they will not be allowed to drive themselves home.
What is the cost of Intranasal Ketamine?

Our intranasal ketamine program cost is $3500 This included 6 treatments at the clinic over the course of 3-4 weeks,  as well as 4 visits with our psychiatrist throughout the treatment.

KAP therapy sessions are available at a cost of $199 per hr to patients who wish to have them

Maintenance intranasal Ketamine treatments are available at $499 per session.

Is there any payment plans available?
Yes, please refer to Medi Card for financing support.  This treatment can be financed over 1-5 year.  Interest charges do apply. Ask Medi card for detail.  Or please follow the link here.

Visit our Pricing page for more information.


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

What is KAP?

 therapy session  Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP), is the use of prescribed doses of ketamine, the drug, as an adjunct to psychotherapy sessions. KAP has shown significant potential in treating mental disorders such as treatment-resistant depression (TRD), anxietyobsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), and other conditions.[1]

What is the thinking behind KAP?
Current antidepressant treatment is significantly limited by its delayed onset of efficacy.  Noticeable effects typically appear over a period of months. A need for more rapid and  prolonged, efficacy in treatment has accelerated  research on alternative treatment options.

The combination of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy has historically been successful in numerous instances, such as the pairing of psychotherapy with conventional antidepressants for mood and anxiety disorders.

Ketamine offers a significant advantage to currently-approved antidepressants, as it has a rapid onset (2–24 hours post-infusion) of temporally limited, but sustained, antidepressant and analgesic effects.  Its dissociative, psychedelic effects often provide patients with increased neuroplasticity and cognitive flexibility that enables more effective participation in therapy sessions. Therapy sessions are conducted within 24 to 48 hours atter your ketamine treatment.   typically conducted could, in turn, reinforce the effects and improvements facilitated by ketamine to provide longer-lasting treatment.  Supplementing ketamine use with cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), in particular, has the potential to help patients reverse their inaccurate beliefs and maladaptive processing of information, that lead to depressive mental states

Why its a good time to try KAP
KAP therapy can be very beneficial to people who have been feeling stuck in their own therapy session.  Sometimes the nature of our mental health challenge  is what keeps us stuck  in our therapy.  When dealing with depression or PTSD we typically get trapped in loop style thinking.  Making it hard to make lasting progress.  It’s like  a skier who always skis the same well worn path creating grooves in the snow.  Ketamine treatment when combined with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can created the conditions to escape these well worn groves by creating new trails and fresh snow.   Exploring the paths that surface wherever they may lead.  With the assurance and confidence that you are always n the safet6y and care of our highly trained and empathetic therapists.