IV Ketamine Program

Welcome to the Toronto Ketamine Clinic, your premier destination for IV Ketamine Treatment in Toronto and Surrounding Areas. With our expert team of anesthetists and caring nurses, you can trust that your IV Ketamine experience will be safe and closely monitored. Our clinic provides a comfortable environment for your treatment, lasting 1.5 – 2 hours, where you will have the opportunity to explore profound dissociative experiences. To enhance your experience, we offer a curated playlist designed specifically for TKC patients, taking you through multiple states of relaxation and calm. If you’re considering our IV Ketamine Program, you can expect a comprehensive plan consisting of 6 treatment sessions at the clinic, followed by three additional sessions with our TKC psychiatrist, all completed over a period of 3-5 weeks at a total cost of $4500

For those interested in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), our sessions are available in 1-hour blocks at a cost of $235 per hour. We recommend a minimum of 2-4 sessions for first-time program participants. To support the effectiveness of our treatments, we encourage you to explore the research links provided below. Experience the transformative power of IV Ketamine treatment with Toronto Ketamine Clinic today.

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