KAP (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy)


Many people gain additional benefit from ketamine therapy when speaking with a therapist  about this unique and transformative experience.  TKC is proud to offer KAP for any patient that is looking to gain insight from their ketamine experience, while helping to incorporate these insights into their daily lives.

Research has shown that including KAP  to your Ketamine treatments can improve overall treatment outcomes.

Research to Explore:

  1. Preparation

Every patient will have an initial therapy session before the Ketamine treatment begins You will discuss your unique treatment hopes, goals and expectations for your treatment.  This is a good time to set some intentions and create a positive mindset going into the treatment.  This is also a good time to voice any concerns or fears that you may have.  The therapist will help you work through these natural feelings while helping you begin your treatment with a positive mindset.

  1. Exploration

During your Ketamine exploration session, you will enter an altered state of consciousness.  Our nurses will help guide you through your experience.  Intention and goal setting can help guide you through these sessions and gain important insight that will be useful to you during your therapy sessions.  Clients typically describe them as creating a sense of wonder and awe.  They can be deeply relaxing experiences.

  1. Integration

During altered states Ketamine therapy can alter and enhance neuroplastic states.  This is growing and developing new connections throughout the brain.  This can create fertile ground to meaningful therapy sessions.  Your therapist will guide you through these integrations sessions and explore all that comes up.  These sessions can be very insightful and very rewarding in helping you achieve your treatment goals.

  1. Psychiatrists follow up.

Our TKC psychiatrist is there to work with you during your treatment.  One of her jobs is to assess how your treatment is going.  If there needs to be dose adjustments made, she will make them in concert yourself.  The goal in these sessions is to try and find the correct dosing specific to you.  You will meet with the psychiatrist 3 times over your 6 treatment sessions.


1 Preparation (virtual)
2 Ketamine Exploration 1 (in clinic) + Integration 1 (virtual)
Ketamine Exploration 2 (in clinic) 
3 Ketamine Exploration 3 (in clinic)+ Integration 2 (virtual)
Ketamine Exploration 4 (in clinic) 
4 Ketamine Exploration 5 (in clinic)
Ketamine Exploration 6 (in clinic) + Integration 4 (virtual)