At the Toronto Ketamine Clinic | IV Ketamine Treatment in Toronto and Surrounding Areas, we take pride in serving our veterans. It is incredibly rewarding to provide care for those who have fought for our freedom. We have discovered that many veterans can have their treatment covered by their VA insurance. If you are interested in exploring this option, we would be more than happy to assist you in the process. Typically, this involves obtaining a referral from your psychiatrist or GP and sending it to TKC for review. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our clinic. In the event that you are not covered through the VA, TKC offers a 25% discount on ketamine treatment cost for veterans. Contact our clinic and inquire about our veterans’ program.

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What was your experience with the physicians, nurses, and staff at TKC? 

The thoughtfulness and professionalism of the support staff (Colette & Justin) and psychiatrist (Dr. Carriere) were key factors in my choosing TKC.

While undergoing my treatments, the anaesthetists were thorough and calming.  The nursing staff were exceptional, very caring and supportive.

Shawn D

What improvements have you seen in yourself since your ketamine infusions at TKC?

My overall mood has improved, I am able to have and sustain a more balanced perspective when interacting with my environment and those around me, and I am able to sustain positive feelings and emotions throughout the day. I have also noticed that the pain that I had experienced on a daily basis has decreased.


Do those closest to you notice the difference the treatment has made? What would those differences be?

My wife and kids have noticed that I’m more in the present and I have the energy to be better able to have quality interactions (e.g. playing catch, short talks, etc).