At Toronto Ketamine Clinic, we proudly extend our gratitude to our first responders by offering a generous 25% discount on IV ketamine treatment. We understand the toll the pandemic has taken on their mental health, and we want to show our appreciation for their tireless efforts in keeping our communities safe. Please inquire about our first responders’ program to avail of this exclusive discount. Kindly note that this discount applies solely to the IV ketamine program and not to the intranasal ketamine program or ketamine assisted psychotherapy KAP.


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If there was one word you could use to describe your experience at TKC, what would it be and why?

Awesome. TKC with psychological and psychiatric support has allowed me to recover and reintegrate back into my personal and professional spaces.


What was your experience with the physicians, nurses, and staff at TKC? 

The thoughtfulness and professionalism of the support staff (Colette & Justin) and psychiatrist (Dr. Carriere) were key factors in my choosing TKC.

While undergoing my treatments, the anaesthetists were thorough and calming.  The nursing staff were exceptional, very caring and supportive.

Shawn D

Do those closest to you notice the difference the treatment has made? What would those differences be?

My wife and kids have noticed that I’m more in the present and I have the energy to be better able to have quality interactions (e.g. playing catch, short talks, etc).