Total Cost for Treatment:

Total cost of treatment: is $4500 which included 
6 ketamine infusions over the course of 3 weeks
Ketamine treatment are 2 times per week.

Booster infusions:

 $750 per booster infusion
For patient reference 

Federal medical Tax credit: 

Canada provides a Federal tax credit.  this credit reimburses a portion of the money spent on medical expenses made during the fiscal year. This rebate is applied to your income tax for that year.   Please contact your accountant for additional information.
follow link to learn more about the Medical tax credit see link below.

Private insurance:

Currently private insurance for IV ketamine treatment is very hit and miss.  If you are seeking Ketamine treatment it is best to consider it an out-of-pocket expense.  We are happy to provide any receipt documentation necessary for your insurance company once you have been approved for treatment and payment has been received.
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